Laptop $1000

Plan  Details :-

1) Branded  Laptop supplied.

2) Complete support to solve all your Computer and connected  Digital Devices problems that includes:

  • Setting up a Digital Home Network for up to three computers.
  • Resolving all errors or issues related to your  computer and connected Digital Devices or its software applications.
  • Fixing browser issues, and problems with internet connectivity or email.
  • Diagnosis and repair of devices connected to your computer including printers, scanners, MP3 Players, cameras, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, etc.
  • Removing virus, malware, spyware, adware & help protect your data.
  • Windows protection for up to 1 windows. ( windows includes Maximum of up to 1 windows 7 )











Disclaimer :All support plans offered by Geek Support Live are Incident Based Plans. For details, kindly, refer to the Terms & Conditions.