About Us



Geek Support Live, America’s favorite Online Technical Support Company.

Since many years GEEK SUPPORT LIVE has been a computer company with high quality service for the following home services, business and industry sectors.  Our constant innovation, and our certification has made us a industry leader in America. The technical assistance we provide to our customers and the flexibility in our service makes us a favorite among the competition. Geek Support Live delivers to the customer saving time and we are the highest reliable company in the industry making us an important alternative for all your computer c service needs. 

Geek Support Live is a highly competitive organization and a leader in the computer market.  Our brand name and our service are highly recognized throughout the world.  Geek Support Live has direct presence through out the world where we market our service and accessories that compliment everyone’s needs.  Geek Support Live offers an integral customer service solution for each computer family and business.

Geek Support Live owns and operates sales and distribution offices through out the world.  Our service and our technical support staff are not limited to cities or countries as we are constantly attending market needs all through out the American continent.






To provide an integral solution for the support and preparation for computer needs in the home markets and in the industry, by manufacturing software and supplying top quality technicians with products and complementary tools.

To be a dynamic and profitable company where our employees are given the opportunity to excel and constantly learn and innovate.




Earning your Trust: We aim to earn your trust and meet all our clients, employees, vendors, and shareholders needs.

To Serve: The Company chooses the value TO SERVE as a principle towards dealing with existing and prospective clients. This value allows us to fulfill our responsibilities and commits the company in its entirety to being proactive in providing the best service possible from top to bottom.

Corporate Responsibility: We aim for good managerial practices that keep us in line with being Corporate Socially Responsible. We follow these methods while we are operating in different regions and countries. Our activities will always be conscious of the effects they may have throughout the world.





To be recognized as a positioned brand in the region by the year 2015, within the computer and complementary market.