Browsers – support and troubleshooting

In Today’s time, high-speed internet is highly in demand and needed. To over meet the excellence and break the wall of low performing internet, a speedy and an efficient web browser is not only most desired globally but also lays a platform of high decree in the current times. Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, etc are some best web browsers whose essentiality in being the best web browser cannot be ruled out.

The Internet Explorer or IE remains the most wanted and the favorite web browser of many PC users globally. Though the position of IE had been over taken by other web browsers but its credibility remains the same and famous till date. Microsoft discovered and released many version of IE from time to time with much more enhanced features so that it can bloom out in the world of internet. Even the latest version – IE9 was indeed a boon tohumanity.

Using the Gecko Layout engine, which employs the latest web standards, Mozilla Firefox have been the heartthrob of many PC users across the globe and grew as the preferred browser.

With the leading features, all newly scripted powerful Java Script engine – V8 for the highest speed of your web browser applications, gave birth toGoogle Chrome, which has proved to be a key player in the domain of web browser.

Smooth Running of Web Experience Is Only a Step Away With Our Extensive Browser Support

Looking for that fast-speedy internet surfing? Then you have surely landed at the right place as Geek Support Live provides you a efficient and immediate technical support, taking care of your PC and in fast browsing that too 24/7.

Geek Support Live offers remote Browser Support Service, available 24/7 at an affordable price that would be both satisfactory and cost-effective for you.

We provide service to our valuable customer on-call, online, and even via chat support that too 24/7 so that you can enjoy a hassle-free browsing.

 Geek Support Live Browser Support Service includes the following:

  • We help with remote assistance to set up your PC connection with ISP, using net-router or modem
  • We set up an online calendar for your convenience
  • Configuration of a site for data transfer
  • Troubleshoot the interruptions caused by the third-party software
  • Troubleshoot of ISP connection or slow connection issues
  • Setting up an online bank account for you
  • Setting up of Social Network Site
  • Improve the speed of your net connection
  • Accessing your non-financial account online
  • We also deal with scripting errors, performances issues and installation errors