Setup & installation

Setup and Installing Software

At Geek Support Live, our supports team will guide you through the installation and configuration of your system and software. If you adopt incorrect installation process then it might lead to damage to your computer parts and all connected devices. However, with Geek Support Live expertise, be rest assured to witness a smooth setup and installation process.

Our Setup & installation package has support for:

  • MP3 Players & digital cameras
  • Computers & laptops
  • Internet & networking
  • Printers & scanners

Range of Service:
Geek Support Live setup and installation services include:

  • We provide Setup and installation of networking devices at single flat rate with the newest software updates.
  • We offer 24*7 emergency services to client requirements.
  • Our team checks for compatibility of your printer with other software installed on your computer.
  • We, at Geek Support Live provide the 24 *7 technical support for one year at very low yearly payments. To connect the Geek Support Live device into your computer, you can take a step by step help from our support staff via phone calls relating to the setup process, installation and by customizing setting of your PC. Complete virus elimination services by Geek Support Live include:
  • We analyze and repair hardware issues.
  • We help you to troubleshoot software errors.
  • We update drivers to protect your PC against online threats.
  • We provide you a convenient way of connecting to the Internet and peripheral devices.
  • We optimize the speed and performance of your pc.