Support for network

Speed up your networking with a dedicated network support

In the growing internet world, a never to be missed obligation is the secure network, which is applicable to both business as well as personal applications. However, it is never an easy task to setup a new network because jumble of wires, modems, routers, and switches had to be dealt with, which is undoubtedly a daunting task for most users.  At Geek Support Live, our new dedicated network support technology provide you the best network support and give you the best experience in the computing fields.

Forget about the old networking flaws while you are with Geek Support Live

It is easy to acquire end-to-end networking resolutions by Geek Support Live.  We offer a full package of technical solutions with wide support to ensure quick fixing of issues including your Belk in/Net gear and Linksys routers. Our experience support team is fully capable of solving every problem of our clients in a shortest possible time. For networking support, we are presently offering a special package that deals with:

  • Setting up & configuration of your Belk in / net gear / Linksys routers.
  • Linking up two or more computers.
  • Installation of both Wired & Wireless Home Networks.
  • Creating System Backups.
  • Ethernet Installation.
  • Providing remote access to your PC, with your permission.
  • Providing Wireless technical support.
  • Supporting universal plug and play.
  •  Helping in resolving router and firewall issues.
  •  Helping in repairing broken DNS Relay function.
  •  Helping in supporting issues with Network Channel interference.