System performance and optimization

The performance of a computer starts decreasing when the number of files accumulated on the hard drive gradually increases with time.  Therefore, while adding new files as and when required, removal of the old files is necessary as well to avoid the slowdown of the computer performance. At Geek Support Live, we offer system performance and optimization services where our  highly experienced optimization professionals are going to assist you in removing unnecessary data and junk files from your system which in turn will help to improve the capacity and speed of your computers.

Scope of Geek Support Live’s Optimization Service:

Our Optimization experts help to reduce your computer’s start up time, remove unnecessary files and background process. Their tasks include:

  • Update existing antivirus definitions and antispyware and software
  • Install critical updates and security patches of the Operating System.
  • Remove unnecessary files and therefore free hard drive space
  • Configure firewalls to protect the computer from online threats
  • Schedule tasks like defragments and hard-drive scanning
  • Clear out start up files
  • Clear the temporary files.

System optimization with Geek Support Live
Our computer optimization experts always work to help you get maximum performance and efficiency from your PC’s. We ensure unnecessary program files do not get accumulated in your system and fix up protection for future intrusion. Our optimization services includes:

  • Complete  diagnose of Computer system
  • Extensive Support to prevent Blue Screen of Death
  • Data Backup solution for recovering lost data
  • Remedy for dealing with System 32 error
  • Enables Support for troubleshooting all software related issues
  • Registry repair solution for invalid Registry entries and Registry holes