I am very impressed with the support I’ve received today from your technician Micheal Clark. He was able to restore my computer to a much better state than it has been in for a few months, eliminating any sign of computer viruses which were incurred. I thank you for all of your terrific help. Star glow 

After a long period of time, Leo finally got the problem worked out. He was very kind and didn’t get upset (at least I couldn’t tell if he did or not). Thanks for all your help. These things are very complex and I am not a “Computer Geek”. SMILE!

Steve Green did a great job fixing my computer. Timothy Boyd HSN Employee 


Geek support was able to resolve all my issues to my satisfaction.  Harry Sedies

Kelly was very helpful in identifying the problems on my computer and assisting me in understanding the Geek Support Plan that I purchased.  Dao 

Mr. A.J. and Cyrus, I have very much appreciated your help in solving my problem with microsoft word, It has meant a lot to me  to have folks like you to solve the problem with so much patience. Beverley Bliss-Foskett

My computer has been working well, thanks to Cyrus who was patient enough to address the issues and keeps in touch for periodic clean ups my computer needs.  Ron Kea 

Don has been very helpful , explaining the program and correcting problems as we went along. I appreciate his knowledge . He was patient with me. Thank you, Carol Lopez   Mr. Leo Anderson, your Sr. Technician, was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful  to me me today and at this time I am very pleased with the help and assistance.  Thank You. Alma Marten I appreciate the service from Leo today. He fixed all the issues I was concerned with . Thank you, Vicki Wayman

Andrew is very polite when it comes to people like me who doesn’t know much about laptops and computers. He knows exactly what to do. he is very computer smart. I appreciate everything he has done for me. you at geek support are lucky to have him. Bruce Mr. Mark Williams fixed everything I had a problem with. Not only was it fixed correctly but also efficiently. I would recommend this company to help serve you with any problems you may face with technical devices. I’ve been signed up with this company for 4 years now. Tammy I just want to thank for your excellent service in cleaning up my computer. It now runs faster and is like new. Bob Wallis

Hi, thank you for helping! Lilia Slavova Once again I have the pleasure of working with Mr. Green. It was a pleasure to work with him because he is patient and very informative. I can’t say enough regarding to his help. Karen Lipsack

Thank Steve for me. I recieved good technical and informational service from him. Thank you for clearing it for me. John Deschner

I was very pleased with the service that Steve provided for my computer. Steve was very patient and seemed to really care that I was satisfied with his service. I would certainly recommend him and your company to anyone that needs computer repair. Beverly Schuldt  I WAS WELL PLEASED WITH WAY YOUR TECKS HELP WITH THE COMPUTER PROBLEM I HAD I WOULD GIVE THEM A TEN. ROYCE Really loved the work of geeksupportlive. They always helped me whensoever i had problems with my computer. Thank you. Randy Springs.

I am very pleased to have Geek Support Liver to help me with my computer. Much faster and clean from Virus and installed new protection, Much faster now. Very Happy with customer service. tdsouthall@——.com